A camel at Wells-Next-the-Sea

A recent assignment on a painting course I am following called Story Painting by Tracy Verdugo. This one was “When worlds collide”. I chose to mash up two beach scenes, one a recent socially-distanced trip to a beach with its lovely huts, and the other is a memory of Essaouira. Camels are hardy creatures and this one might even like it in Norfolk. But the strangeness of a plague year afflicts every city, every beach in the whole world.

This was my Facebook post on the incident:

Finally finished Chapter 3 lesson 3 of the painting course I am following by Tracy Verdugo : When worlds collide”. We went to Wells next the Sea last weekend and fell for the colourful beach huts and the marram grass. Strange to be on a beach in November but it was a lovely day. Social distancing makes the beach a weird place anyway. My other world is Essaouira, in Morocco. I love the camels, though I am never going to ride a beach camel. Anyway, why should we not welcome such a noble creature to our country? And wouldn’t beach huts be just as lovely in Essaouira. Plus we all are united, not just in love of our beaches but also in the strange limbo of a plague year.
There was no mist, I added it to correct a mistake in composition, so as to favour one element over another and make the picture more restful on the eye. 
A camel at the seaside

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