Back to Essaouira (in my head)

Four women walking

Four Women Now that the After the Fall group exhibition is over, and I am no longer devoted to two massive projects, such as the “Vegetable Apocalypse” West Tower of the Cathedral, or the super-feminist First Supper, I am free to do what I like. I have signed up for a rerun of Karen Stamper’s […]

The First Supper

The First Supper If you are reading this whilst looking at the painting, come closer, sit down on the plastic rug and join in the discussion!  The Last Supper is a story anyone receiving a standard education in the UK and any other Christian or nominally Christian country grew up with. Jesus knows the time […]

Twin Christmas Portraits

Both Christmas portraits 2020

Both Christmas portraits 2020 As you know, 2020 was quite a traumatic year for all of us. The way it affected my son Duncan, and his dear partner, Jasmine, was that it robbed these two fine performers of the joy of theatre performance. Of course there are many, many unoccupied theatres and frustrated Musical and […]

Essaouira series (2)

I am still having a good time, keeping Essaouira in mind, with the help of a friend who is taking reference photos (complete with masks on some people) and dipping into my old ones as well. Here are three more images, each in acrylic (ink, flow and heavy). My addiction to detail means that these […]

Glacier series

Ice Crevasse

Painting big ice Just after I turned 40, my husband took a sabbatical from work and I took him and my children for the first and only long trip to my Grandmother and Mother’s home country of Norway. Now as any Norway-lover will tell you, this place is Narnia (right?). I certainly understood it to […]

Essaouira Series (1)

My very first images of Essaouira were made with coloured pencil or as ink drawings and all from my own references. I shall do a post on these someday. Halfway through 2020, a very good friend in Essaouira, Mr Regragui Aitbella, started sending me photos of local street life, both in town and in the […]

Dressing for Halloween

Before halloween

Before halloween This was a birthday painting for my daughter. It shows her and a best friend, enjoying the most fun part of Halloween, which is getting dressed up. Of course, this was in 2019. No parties in 2020! I stuck to a very reduced palette of browns and yellow, just to show their happy, […]

A Flamingo makes its Home on Pandora

A flamingo on Pandora

Orange and blue painting in acrylic and mixed media. Central figure is a flamingo. I was messing around with acrylic inks and collage. Who does not love a flamingo? I added a fish from some very thin paper I found in my plan chest, and planted some trees made from interior design photos. It ended […]