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The First Supper

The First Supper If you are reading this whilst looking at the painting, come closer, sit down on the plastic rug and join in the

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Essaouira series (2)

I am still having a good time, keeping Essaouira in mind, with the help of a friend who is taking reference photos (complete with masks

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Ice Crevasse

Glacier series

Painting big ice Just after I turned 40, my husband took a sabbatical from work and I took him and my children for the first

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Essaouira Series (1)

My very first images of Essaouira were made with coloured pencil or as ink drawings and all from my own references. I shall do a

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Before halloween

Dressing for Halloween

Before halloween This was a birthday painting for my daughter. It shows her and a best friend, enjoying the most fun part of Halloween, which

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