The First Supper

The First Supper If you are reading this whilst looking at the painting, come closer, sit down on the plastic rug and join in the discussion!  The Last Supper is a story anyone receiving a standard education in the UK and any other Christian or nominally Christian country grew up with. Jesus knows the time […]

A Flamingo makes its Home on Pandora

A flamingo on Pandora

Orange and blue painting in acrylic and mixed media. Central figure is a flamingo. I was messing around with acrylic inks and collage. Who does not love a flamingo? I added a fish from some very thin paper I found in my plan chest, and planted some trees made from interior design photos. It ended […]

A camel at Wells-Next-the-Sea

A camel at the seaside

A recent assignment on a painting course I am following called Story Painting by Tracy Verdugo. This one was “When worlds collide”. I chose to mash up two beach scenes, one a recent socially-distanced trip to a beach with its lovely huts, and the other is a memory of Essaouira. Camels are hardy creatures and […]

Your children are not your children

Your children

Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself. They come through you but not from you, And though they are with you yet they belong not to you. Khalil Gibran – The Prophet This image was painted as part of the Tracy Verdugo Story Painting course. […]

Tiles, insects and quilting

Insect tiles

The impetus for making this painting was my lovely and insect-loving sister, who made a fabulous quilt, using many offcuts from my sewing. I’m afraid I rather strong-armed it from her, and needed to make amends.As I said at the time: So, I have been quiet for over a week because I wandered off at […]

Green mermaid

Green mermaid

I decided to spend much of October and November of 2020 pushing my boundaries by following an eight week course in abstraction and storytelling by the peerless Tracy Verdugo. She has already helped me a great deal in previous, shorter courses both by freeing up my painting, and introducing me to new media, particularly newer […]