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Four Women
Four Women

Now that the After the Fall group exhibition is over, and I am no longer devoted to two massive projects, such as the “Vegetable Apocalypse” West Tower of the Cathedral, or the super-feminist First Supper, I am free to do what I like.

I have signed up for a rerun of Karen Stamper’s excellent Free up you Sketchbook and Grow course, and a number of more Illustration-type Domestika courses (which come in fun languages, like Spanish or German). But for now, I’m going to catch up with my favourite job of depicting Essaouira street-life in all it’s glory, albeit with some Place Life and (especially) Colour, of my own.

I have started off my returning to my own photos and Regragui Aitbilla’s very kind contributions. I am using my sketchbooks and a touch of watercolour and/or gouache. Gouache is a tricky medium, isn’t it? I love the colours and the dry-matte finish. Reminds me strangely of Look and Learn books (I am a 60s child).

I have made three sketches and am transferring one of them to a larger scale and in acrylic plus a bit of collage. Feels great!

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